Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trunk 'n Treat winners TBA on Wed.

We had a blast at Trunk 'n Treat. Despite the cold weather many hearty souls decorated their trunks and faithfully stood outside in the elements to shovel piles of candy into the bags of delighted children. Wimps like Wendy decided to pass candy out indoors in the warmth and festivities of Fellowship Hall. The Air Castle allowed several children at a time to work off that extra sugar energy. Once the kids had their exercise they were able to play games and make crafts indoors. The LOGOS cooks made sure we had something besides candy to munch on with the hotdogs and the apple slices. And, many moms and LOGOS staff provided tasty baked goods. We are trying to gather up the photographs of the evening to share with you. Thank you to all the church members, family and friends, LOGOS staff and parents, children and community who attended, helped, donated time, candy, and prizes. It was a great night. The costume winners will be announced tomorrow night at LOGOS. Don't forget to wear your red, white, and blue....It's God Bless America Night.